Friday, September 19, 2014

A Sweater Finish and Other Knitting

This week I finished the sweater for the Little Guy. 

And it fits! He doesn't stay still much so I had to get these pictures while he was waiting at the door to go outside. Even then he wasn't still and was distracted by all the shoes on the shoe rack.

Glad that it fits. Sleeves are a tad short but that's ok since they won't be in his way.

Finally being still but sweater is covered by the stroller buckle. This is more true to the right colour, though.

Detail pic.

I was so happy to finish one sweater (my second for the SSKAL) I actually did some knitting on the dreaded Dundurn. I admit I also spent one evening looking at different patterns wanting to knit her something else but continued with Dundurn. I think I did 4 pattern repeats on the back (24 rows) and have to do about 2 more repeats before I can separate for the shoulders and then the back will be done. The SSKAL is done on the 24th, although she often extends the deadline by a week, I don't see myself finishing this by then. I hope to have the back done and the next piece cast on - either the other sleeve or one of the fronts. It is a nice knit and I enjoy it when I work on it. The only thing that slows me down is that there is cabling on every right side row which can be tricky to work on when the Little Guy is awake. My parents might be visiting in October and it would be great to give this to my mom then so she can enjoy it all fall and winter, but no promises, mom.

And since yesterday was my birthday, I continued my tradition from last year and only did selfish knitting which meant I had to cast on something new. Above is the beginning of the Sun Rose sweater. I am making a size small which I am very nervous about. I usually make mediums but after remeasuring myself several times, I decided to go with the small. I might go with the medium length.

And it's not a sweater but it's something else that has been filling my time this week. My best friend's birthday is next week. Last year I made her a cardigan and a hat out of this blue yarn. I still had some leftover so I decided to make her a matching scarf. It took me a while to decide what to make and which pattern so I'm not as far along as I would like to be. I eventually designed my own inspired by the hat I knit for her and a stitch dictionary We are supposed to have our birthday dinner tomorrow and exchange gifts but I know I won't get this done in time. Good thing I also bought her a book.

And tonight is Friday Night Sew-In. If you're interested, sign-up is here. It will be a FriDay Sew-In for me as I've been enjoying the Roosevelt mini-series on PBS this week in the evenings. Part 6 of 7 is on tonight. Although I guess I can iron and cut fabric while watching. 

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