Monday, September 22, 2014

Around the Web and Some Gifts

     I didn't get my usual Around the Web with a Cup of Tea post up yesterday for a couple reasons. First, I just wasn't on the internet much last week. Days are busy with kids and crafting and my evenings were full of the Roosevelt series on PBS. Second, we enjoyed a day as a family which included going for a walk and flying kites for the first time all summer (we got it in just under the wire) and watching a movie with my husband who was very patient about the 7 part Roosevelt series. We watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and both of us miss Tobey Maguire. Enough said. 

If I had done a post yesterday here are the two things I would have linked to.

     The Toronto Book Fair. I've been thinking about it all week and been trying to figure out how to go. With a toddler. Impossible. I think I'll go in a couple years. Although Margaret Atwood and Meg Wolitzer are at the one this November. Hmmm.

     And since I mentioned it so much already, here is where you can watch The Roosevelts online. I need to rewatch a couple of them as I fell asleep. I fell asleep because the Little Guy likes to get up at 6am and not because they are boring. And sometimes I had to watch the 10pm repeat instead of the first showing at 8pm and I was just done. I figure this series saved me from reading 3 biographies and I learned a lot. Being Canadian, I knew the basics about the Roosevelts but really enjoyed learning more about them. Spoiler - they all die.

Saturday, my best friend and I had our birthday supper. It's nice to go to a restaurant with no kids and talk. I had my first beer in two years. It was great and took me almost 2 hours to drink. And I had the biggest and best piece of chocolate cake ever. I'd go back just for another piece of cake. And the waitress must of overheard us talking about our birthdays as we both got our desserts for free. Above is a slipcover I made for my friend. They bought a new couch this summer and the pillows that came with it were ugly. Her mom had given her this fabric several years ago and she asked me if I could make her some new covers with it. I made them for her last week and gave them back to her on Saturday.

I used an envelope cover so she could take them off if needed.

However, I suggested she never take them off. The fabric was not cotton and frayed a lot. I warned her about it when I gave them to her and that I was afraid her two cats might wreck the fabric with their claws. I offered to make her new ones when these ones get ruined.

I zigzagged over every seam to try and help with the fraying. We'll see how long they last.

I had been making her a scarf but decided to make her this list guy instead. A Cyclops Cactus for her desk at work. In October she'll celebrate one year at her job.

I think she's pretty cute and would love to make more.

Little flower on her head.

And in return, she went into a quilt store for the first time and gifted me the charm pack and pattern. I think she got the post-it notes from somewhere else but they are so me.

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