Friday, September 5, 2014

Goals for September

     Friday is a great day to think back over the week and evaluate what I accomplished to what I had planned to do. I'm pretty happy with what I was able to do this week. I finished the test-knit I was working on (it is currently being blocked on our kitchen counter away from little hands), I finished piecing a quilt top, sewed more charity squares together, finished reading 3 books and even did some writing. But to know if I really had a good week, I need to have goals for the month to help keep me focused. Fall is definitely the busy season for any crafty person who likes to make Christmas gifts instead of buy them so I need to find a way to balance gift making with everything else. I need time to make gifts for others and time to make for me, plus time to write and be a good mom. Oh, and time to be a good wife. It's tricky to keep all those things balanced and planning ahead is definitely key. Weekends are good for prepping what I want to do the next week and for doing the things I might not be able to do easily during the week, such as basting quilts with a toddler around. Keeping an eye on my goals for the month also lets me know what I should be using nap times for. Here are my goals for September. 

Quilt Goals

I have three quilts tops I'd like to quilt. One is a baby quilt, one a wallhanging and the other is a full-size quilt for our bed.

I have this stack of fabrics to iron and piece into backs for the above quilts.

Iron and cut these fabrics for a pumpkin quilt I hope to piece and quilt in October.

Finish piecing the Made in Cherry quilt I started a couple years ago. This is just one corner of the center made using 5 inch squares.

Knitting Goals
With two major finishes this past week (my Sweatshirt Sweater and the test-knit) I really want to cast on something new but I need to finish up the Dundurn Cardigan for my mom and the sweater for the Little Guy. I'm going to stay faithful to these two projects for as long as I can take it and then start some holiday knitting.

Christmas Gift Goals
These two shelves are full of supplies and ideas for Christmas gifts. They're a mess. This month I need to make a list of what I'd like to make, what supplies I have/ need and get started. Maybe there will be a post on my progress around the 25th.

Writing Goals
I have been writing this week which made me happy. I need to make this an everyday habit when the older kids are at school and the Little Guy is napping.

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