Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thinking of Christmas

Can you believe that it is only 3 months until Christmas? I feel like I've been thinking about and preparing for this Christmas since last year's was over. However I'm not I'm ahead of making what I'd like to make. Instead I've saved and come up with more ideas and tutorials than I could ever make and now I need to really decide what I'm going to do. Here are some ideas that have been kicking around for a while. I need to do something about them or get rid of the supplies.
I've been wanting to make a hollowed out book for over a year now. I bought some used books and set aside our dictionary (which we never use) and my old history textbook. I'm sick of them taking up space on my shelf. I either make them this year or the books will be donated. I plan on doing a practice book during the next couple weeks to figure out how difficult it is and how much time it will take me. These would be gifts for the majority of our nieces and nephews with a small gift inside. Probably not for the youngest ones. 

I showed the yarn earlier this month and mentioned I planned to knit little people for nieces. Of course these little people will need a place to live and the altoid tins will be made into little homes. If everything goes right. If not, I can finally get rid of them too. I won't tell you how many times I have moved those tins and hid them from my husband who would think I was crazy for keeping them.

My daughter and I started this quilt last year after the lego advent calendar was a bit of a disappoint for her. With three very different children at very different ages, I think this is the way to go instead of a store bought calendar. Some pockets will contain goodies like chocolate and candy canes but I also hope to put some little toys or notes in others. And since we usually open our presents here around the solstice and spend Christmas with all the grandparents, I might make fewer pockets to count down to the 21st or 22nd instead. I'm thinking 21 so the quilt can be made with a 3 x 7 block grid. Or I might keep the original 24 and use the extra pockets to hold treats/ games/ books for the drive to our families. Decisions, decisions.

Yarn to make gifts for my kids. The blue is for a Flax for my 8 year old son, pink is a scarf for my daughter and green is an Owlet for the 16 month-old. Glad I have my daughter's sweater complete.

This might become a sweater for a niece. This idea isn't set in stone and it might become a birthday present instead or become something else altogether. We'll have to see how October goes.

I also need to make a stocking for the Little Guy to use at my parents house. I have an idea that I've  started but no pictures yet as it might not turn out. Not using a pattern so who knows what will happen.

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  1. So many things to do and so little time! Like mother like daughter or is that father?


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