Monday, July 28, 2014

Camp Loopy project 2 complete!

This weekend I finished my July Camp Loopy project. A sweater for Calliope. She loved it and wore until supper on Saturday when I made her take it off - I didn't want her to get spaghetti sauce on it. I have yet to wash and dry it but it will some time this week. Thrilled that it fits and that she likes it so much. She's a little disappointed that she might have to wait until Christmas to officially receive it.

Back. This turned out so well I am tempted to make one for myself for my August Camp Loopy project. I have until Friday to decide but I'm thinking I'll start both the sweater for me and the afghan for my brother's family. It will be nice to have two projects to work on instead of focusing on just one. Eventually I'll have to pick one to finish by the end of August.

While I am waiting for August I'll be working on this Reading shawl which is also a gift. I was able to get 8 rows knit yesterday (2 pattern repeats) and am about halfway done the body of the shawl.

1 comment:

  1. love the sweater (and the niece!). trying to work up some energy to tackle my pile of WIPs. haven't sewn a stitch all summer!


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