Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quilt Show

This past weekend was the local guild's quilt show. When we first lived in Ann Arbor I was a member  and librarian for several years but haven't gone to a meeting since we moved back 2 years ago.  My daughter and the little guy went with me and we had a good time. Below are some of the quilts we saw and enjoyed.

This really reminded me of my sister's Liberated Churn Dash pattern but didn't credit her. It wasn't specifically in the show. They displayed some of the quilts that members have made to be donated to charity and this was one of them. 

Floyd smiled at this quilt so he got his picture taken with it.

My daughter picked this as her favourite.

One of the more traditional quilts on display.

Inspired by Mondrian.

I voted for this one as my favourite. I kept coming back to it.

This was the first quilt I saw with this pattern (it will reappear later) and I really like it.

There was part of a special exhibit by one of the guild's quilt groups. It won first place in the American Quilting Society's Ultimate Guild Challenge 2013.

More bugs.

My daughter and I both liked the ladybug the best.

The next four quilts were part of another special exhibit by the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild. I would have liked to take more pictures but their members kept standing in front of the quilts chatting. It took two trips to visit the exhibit to get these pictures.
Edited to Add: The AAMQG just did a blog post about their exhibit with pictures of every quilt and a bit about each quilt. Go here to read more and see the rest of their quilts.
An adorable owl.

Owl compared to a lap quilt beside it.

Here is that pattern again. I liked this one a bit better due to the fabric it used - Charley Harper fabrics. They're beautiful but expensive.

I just liked this one.

Back to the Guild's show.

My daughter liked both of these.

Very beady.

Close-up of all the beads. It must have taken a very long time to make this one.

There were several quilts with this pattern as the designer had come to the guild to do a lecture and workshop.

Close-up. I like the log cabin clamshells. Would take some planning before cutting and sewing.

My daughter said I had to take a picture of this one. The leaves are so me, she said. I have to agree with her.

These are the fabrics my daughter picked out (the shop even gave her one free since she was a young quilter).

And these are the fabrics I picked out. No plans yet.

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  1. thanks for sharing.. loved seeing all the quilts! i've made that cute little owl too :D it's currently an orphan :P


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