Monday, July 14, 2014

Getting Twiggy with it.

Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I went to a workshop taught by Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi fame. Find her patterns on ravelry here or on her website here. The workshop we went to was about wrapping twigs in yarn and then knitting little creatures to go with it. Some of the people there knew how to knit but most spent the time wrapping twigs. My husband may have made a few jokes about taking a workshop for something so simple but it was really an excuse to spend some time with my girl and to meet the author. And to have a fun afternoon of crafting - which it was.

My daughter putting her yarn into a bobbin as instructed by Anna to make wrapping the twig easier.

My pile of yarn and twigs.

My daughter's branch and some of her yarn.


Daughter wrapping. 

Finished my first twig and was able to knit a leaf and attach it. 

Daughter's finished branch. I knit her a blue leaf and she knit herself one as well.

There was a big branch in the middle for everyone to work on as a group project. I added the purple in the middle beside the blue. Anna tweeted a picture of it later, which you can see here.

Anna has written 4 books. I bought one of them.

And of course I got her to sign it.

Later that night I got out lots of needles and yarn and played around. And had a little chocolate.

Wrapped this twig I found in our yard with yellow yarn and made some leaves.

Here is my finished piece made during the workshop. Still needs a creature or something on it.

I made this Saturday night. The green is a knitted icord.

 And I may have become addicted to twig wrapping. We were out for a walk this morning and I wanted to bring almost every branch/ twig I saw on the ground home with us. This was super fun and simple and I encourage others to try it. Not sure what I am going to do with the finished pieces. Christmas presents, perhaps?

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