Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Patterns I could knit again and again

I've been reading Carole's blog for some time and have been tempted several times to participate in her Ten on Tuesday's before but haven't. For today's topic I had ten right away... actually 13. So here are the first ten I found pictures of for 10 Patterns You Could Knit Again and Again.
Top Down Baby Cardigan. I have knit this twice already and plan to make at least one more. Above is the one I made for my son. Ravelry pattern here. My project pages here and here.

Easy Peasy Newborn Hat. I've made several of these for my youngest and for others. 
Ravelry pattern here. Also found online here. My project page here.

Irish Hiking Hat. I think I've made at least 3 of these as gifts. Work up really quick. 
Ravelry pattern here. Also found online here. My project pages here and here.

Plain vanilla socks. The pair above were for a gift but I've made several for myself as well. I mainly use Ann Budd's book as a reference. Project page for the above pair can be found here.

Hurricane Hat. I've only made this once so far but it was a fun pattern. Thinking of making it into a cowl for myself - saw someone else did that. Ravelry pattern page here. My project page here.

Basic Newborn Cardigan and hat. Knit for my son last year. Being modeled by him at 2 weeks old. I had to make two hats as the first one, following the pattern, came out way too big. He was able to wear it at around 6 months of age. Ravelry pattern page here.  Also found online here. My project page here with mods.

Elfe. I knit this last July for my Camp Loopy project. Pattern was great and I'd love to knit it again with several different colour combos or with a variegated yarn. Ravelry page here. My project page here.

Boneyard shawl. I've made this 3 times already and would love to make more. Ravelry pattern page here. My project pages here, here and here.

Pixie hat. Fun knit. Every kid should have one. Ravelry page here. Project page here.

Butterfly hat. Very quick knit that's fun to make. I'd like to make one for myself, this one was a gift. Ravelry page here. Project page here.

Honourable mentions because I love them so much.

1. Brick Sweater. I just finished knitting an XS for my daughter on the weekend and have bought yarn to make one for myself. Blogged here. Project page here.

2. Zuzu's Petals cowl. Have made it twice already. Fun knit. Project page here.

3. Liquid Amber Cowl. Only made it once but was fun to knit and I have plans on making on for myself. Someday. Project page here.

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  1. The pixie hat is precious! Oh dear my knitting list is getting out of control today!

  2. Great list with lots of patterns for me to add to my favorites. I agree with Donna; that is one cute pixie!

  3. Those are some good ones - great list!

  4. Love your choices. I could have posted more too, but tried to stay in the limit. Love the baby pics!

  5. That butterfly hat is fabulous! Pattern now in my library. thanks!

  6. It was hard to just pick 10 once I got going. ;-)


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