Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I interrupt my week of finishes for a WIP post. I had hoped that all the gifts that need to be made would be on the needles/hooks for this post but there is a pair of fingerless mitts and a pair of socks that haven't been started yet. Yikes. Anyway, here's most of what's left to make.

For some reason, this sock has been ignored a lot this week. I finally did the heel earlier today. I altered the pattern to do the Fish Lips Kiss heel. And I think I will only have to do 6 pattern repeats, instead of the seven the pattern suggests to get to the toe. My row gauge is a little off on this one, which makes for a longer sock. And now that the pattern is only worked on the top of the foot, it is knitting up a little quicker. Pattern is Embossed Leaves.

Using leftovers from my daughter's cardigan, I finally cast on the matching hat I said I would make her. This has been my travel/ meeting knitting this week. Using this free pattern as a guide.

The Side Squiggles sweater for my son now has one sleeve attached.

And the second one is started. 

The scarf for my niece is growing nicely.

And after attempting 4 different patterns and 2 different yarns, I think I have finally settled on a cowl pattern I like. The yarn is a pale green and almost impossible to photograph. I'm hoping it will knit up quick. Pattern is the Straightforward Cowl.

And I have a few sewing projects lined up. Two more Poochie bags and the little stack of half square triangle blocks will become a pillow very soon. And the mountain pattern peaking out? That is my reward once I'm finished all the gifts.  You can find the pattern here and is only for sale this month. I couldn't resist.

What have you been working on this week? Are you still busy making gifts? Or have you given up and braved the stores?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Finished Pair of Knitted Socks for Christmas

A late, quick post today to share a finish. It's been a long day. I ate supper in the car, as my husband drove me to a PTO meeting tonight. Now I'm taking a small knitting break to write this post - I even took knitting with me to the PTO meeting and I wasn't the only one. Tis the season to multi-task.

Today's finish is this pair of socks. These will be hard to give away but they're going to someone who deserves them. Yarn is Turtlepurl yarns in Iris. It comes as two separate hanks that are dyed together so the stripes match. 

This was also the first time I did a Fish Lips Kiss heel and I really like it. I need to memorize how to do it so I don't need the pattern every time.

I started gifting socks like this last year and I really like it. It prevents the cuffs from stretching out and they look a little festive. Now back to knitting. I have two more pairs of socks to knit. Plus some other stuff. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 1 of Finishes - By Kids

This week, I said, would be a week of finishes. Today's finishes were made by my kids - except for 1.

My daughter sewed this bag for her cousin. I helped with the ironing and handles but she did the rest. We used this pattern to make it, although I got when it was free on her blog. 

Her cousin also has a pet hedgehog, so she made a little fleece bag for him. I folded up the first bag and put it inside to hopefully show it's size. It's reversible and we used this tutorial to make it.

My addition was to knit a tiny hedgehog. It was all good until I added the nose.  I used one of Anna's patterns, found here.

At least the feet are adorable.

I added a string so it can be an ornament.

Floyd has been getting crafty. He made a stepping stone for a grandma (as requested).

And my older son spent a few minutes at the sewing machine,...

... and made this infinity cowl for a cousin. (On my side of the family, the kids do a secret santa and they are in charge of picking out/ making the gift).

Daughter with her finished washcloth. I did the casting on and off. She did the rest. 

Tomorrow, more finishes.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

WIP Wednesday - More Gifts

I think, like most creative, crafty people, I am busy making presents. I have several finishes to share. Some from last week that didn't get on the blog since our internet went out last Friday so no post got written. I'm thinking I will do a Week of Finishes next week, instead of trying to cram them all into a blog post this Friday. Maybe I'll even get a few more things done this week to share. Now, onto this week's WIP's.

I spent a little time yesterday working on this super bulky cardigan. The sleeves are now separated from the body. I really want to work on it, since it works up quickly but I need to try and focus on gifts right now. This will probably make good travel/ company knitting over the holidays.

I finished the body of the Side Squiggles sweater for my older son this week and started the first sleeve. I'm still confident it will get done in time. Have I mentioned that we open our presents a little early here? I think we're opening our gifts on either the 21st or 22nd.

Started crocheting a red and blue scarf requested by a niece.

And I finished a pair of socks (to be shared next week) so these ones will be going on the needles today. I hope. They will be a gift.

And my daughter has made progress on the washcloth she's knitting but my son's looks almost the same as last week, so I didn't include it in the picture.

And my daughter spent some time at the sewing machine this weekend. Here she is working on project #1. A bag for a cousin.

And project #2, a fleece bag for a cousin's pet. It was fun to spend some crafty time with her. I think her creations will get their own blog post during next week's Week of Finishes. 

What have you been working on this week? Are you almost finished your gift making? I keep adding to my list. Oops. 

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