Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 1 of Finishes - By Kids

This week, I said, would be a week of finishes. Today's finishes were made by my kids - except for 1.

My daughter sewed this bag for her cousin. I helped with the ironing and handles but she did the rest. We used this pattern to make it, although I got when it was free on her blog. 

Her cousin also has a pet hedgehog, so she made a little fleece bag for him. I folded up the first bag and put it inside to hopefully show it's size. It's reversible and we used this tutorial to make it.

My addition was to knit a tiny hedgehog. It was all good until I added the nose.  I used one of Anna's patterns, found here.

At least the feet are adorable.

I added a string so it can be an ornament.

Floyd has been getting crafty. He made a stepping stone for a grandma (as requested).

And my older son spent a few minutes at the sewing machine,...

... and made this infinity cowl for a cousin. (On my side of the family, the kids do a secret santa and they are in charge of picking out/ making the gift).

Daughter with her finished washcloth. I did the casting on and off. She did the rest. 

Tomorrow, more finishes.

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