Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making progress

While waiting for baby (not here yet!), I've been making good progress on other projects. I took the next three pictures on Friday, planning on writing a post but ran out of time/energy.
Socks for my SIL. By Friday afternoon I had one finished and the heel finished on the second.

Almost done the Autumn Dreams cardigan for the baby. Just second sleeve left on Friday. Finished the second sleeve today (no picture yet), weaved in ends and added a button. Have enough yarn left that I've cast on a hat to go with it. 

I fell out of love with the striped cardigan I had been working on for the baby. Frogged it and cast on this newborn cardigan. I took it with me to work on during my son's skating lessons on Saturday and am a little further than this. About 10 rows from dividing the sleeves from the body.

The reason I may have run of steam to do a blog post on Friday is that I spent a few hours at the sewing machine. I made 3 burp/cloths or change table pads. They have terry cloth on the other side. My daughter was concerned that we didn't have any official burp cloths for him yet so hope she is happy with these.

I also finished making wipes. My daughter had helped make some and when I had finished sewing them all together, my mom helped turn some of them right side out so I could do the stitching around the edge. I like that the three of us all worked on them.

Yesterday, I finished the socks for my SIL. Washed them today. Might take another picture of them tomorrow on feet. I was going to wait and give these to her when she visited in June but since I actually have a birthday present done 2 weeks before the actual birthday, I might have to mail these.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Made good progress on the socks for my SIL. Another inch and I'll start the toe. I doubt I'll have enough for a second but I was able to find another skein that someone is selling from their stash on ravelry, just need to buy it.

Started the Autumn Dreams cardigan for our little guy (due 2 weeks from today!). This is made in sock yarn and will be about 6 months size. Perfect for chilly fall days.

My daughter and I also spent some time this weekend making wipes for the baby but forgot to take a picture. Still have a few more to make so hope to get a picture then.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Finished cardigans and new WIP's

Here is the Save the Baby Whales cardigan with buttons. It is now officially complete.

My daughter helped pick out the little sailboats.

Also finished the Ditto cardigan for myself. The day I finished it and tried it on I was wearing a green shirt and I looked very pumpkinish. I purposely put on a white shirt to take pictures.

Side view. It doesn't quite stretch around the big baby belly but that's okay, that belly will be gone soon. I hope.

Here it is lying flat. If it didn't fit me I was going to gift it to my sister who loves orange. She still may end up with it if my like of orange completely disappears after the baby is born.

Two finished projects means I've cast more on. This is another little cardigan for the little guy. It is the Simple Baby Cardigan and would be simple and fast if it weren't being knit on 2.75mm needles. 

Cast on a plain sock for my SIL. A birthday present.

And some time today I'll be starting another cardigan for the little guy to take with me this weekend to work on during skating lessons and ringette. I don't want to take the sock - as I may drop and lose a needle or the other cardigan as I don't want to manage 2 skeins at the same time. This cardigan is on 3.25mm needles or I might start a gift for daughter on 5mm needles. That'll work up much faster. Or maybe I'll start both.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cardigans in progress

I've been working on finishing up the two cardigans the last couple days. I worked on the button band while sitting outside as seen above.

Had both sitting on the couch beside me while the kids and I had a Muppets movie marathon on their last day of Spring break on Friday.

When our movies were done I was finished one sleeve and halfway done the other.

I also had the left button band complete and attached to the cardigan.

Friday night I watched a movie with my husband. I know that's a lot of movies in one day for one person (6 to be exact) but the only one I had to really pay attention to was the last one as I have seen all the Muppets movies many, many times. By the end of the night I had finished the Save the Whales Cardigan for our son and weaved in all the ends.

This is supposed to be size 6-9 months and be for this fall but even after going down 2 needle sizes it is still too big and will probably be for next spring. I bought some buttons today so there will be another picture once I get those on.

And I made a good start on the right button band for my cardigan. It's nice to be almost done these two. I have 3 projects waiting to be cast on - 2 more baby cardigans that will hopefully fit this fall instead of next year and a pair of socks for a gift.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Been working on finishing up big projects the past couple weeks. This morning I finished the body to the above cardigan for our little guy who is due at the end of the month! The waves look good but I was too tight working the whales in the middle. Have tried to stretch them out and am hoping that washing will help but it probably won't. You can see I have the left sleeve on the needles and hope to get those done in the next couple days and then start weaving in all the ends. I'll need to buy some buttons as well.

A close-up of the best looking whales. 

Finished the body of this cardigan for myself. Only have the button bands left.

Sleeves are worked separately and then added onto the body before working the yoke. I already have the buttons for this cardigan, just need to finish it.

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