Friday, April 12, 2013

Finished cardigans and new WIP's

Here is the Save the Baby Whales cardigan with buttons. It is now officially complete.

My daughter helped pick out the little sailboats.

Also finished the Ditto cardigan for myself. The day I finished it and tried it on I was wearing a green shirt and I looked very pumpkinish. I purposely put on a white shirt to take pictures.

Side view. It doesn't quite stretch around the big baby belly but that's okay, that belly will be gone soon. I hope.

Here it is lying flat. If it didn't fit me I was going to gift it to my sister who loves orange. She still may end up with it if my like of orange completely disappears after the baby is born.

Two finished projects means I've cast more on. This is another little cardigan for the little guy. It is the Simple Baby Cardigan and would be simple and fast if it weren't being knit on 2.75mm needles. 

Cast on a plain sock for my SIL. A birthday present.

And some time today I'll be starting another cardigan for the little guy to take with me this weekend to work on during skating lessons and ringette. I don't want to take the sock - as I may drop and lose a needle or the other cardigan as I don't want to manage 2 skeins at the same time. This cardigan is on 3.25mm needles or I might start a gift for daughter on 5mm needles. That'll work up much faster. Or maybe I'll start both.

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