Saturday, May 30, 2009

Completed Projects

So, I have completed some things.

Made this quickly Friday morning as a house warming present for my brother and his family who are moving into a new house this week.

Close up of the quilting.

For Etsy, eventually. Would like to get a couple more things done before I open a store.
Both are 5 x 7 and around a canvas. Been looking into cheaper options for framing but I like that the canvas acts as a backing for the quilts, saving me fabric and can be hung without adding any kind of hook. Open to suggestions though.

Another Fabric Post

Here is some fabric that I have bought over the past week. They are either fat quarters or remnants so not very expensive. I have been getting some quilting done too but I am waiting til they are done to show them off.

Fat quarters.


First 2 are remnants and the last is a fat quarter.

First one is a flannel remnant which I have plans for. The other 2 are cotton remnants.

And a new tool. A ruler for making flying geese blocks.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fabric Friday

It seems like there are a few blogs out there in blogland that do fabric Friday's and since it is Friday and I have fabric to show, here is my first fabric Friday.

A few fat quarters bought at the latest quilt guild meeting. The food fabric is for a specific project (not telling yet) and the construction trucks and race car fabric is obviously for my son, Nova.

Another 4 fat quarters bought at the meeting. Bought them for their ability to be used in art quilts. I love the boldness of the pink fabric and it is already ironed and cut and ready for a project. now I just need to find the time.

Hey Sarah, do you remember this fabric? My sister wrapped a present for me in this fabric several years ago. I like it and keep looking at it trying to figure out what I am going to do with it but I had no ideas. So, while making supper one evening this week, I cut out all the squares with a project in mind (another secret you will just have to wait and see).

A beautiful fabric I got on clearance a few years ago; I often get this fabric out and stare it but don't want to cut it I love it so much. Have ironed it and have decided on a couple different projects to do with it. (There are 22 different "quilts" on the fabric). Now I just need to take my scissors to the fabric. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rainbow Block Swap

Jane's Fabrics hosted a block swap this Spring with a rainbow theme. Nine quilters were put together and each made nine blocks (1 for each person) in one colour. We then mailed the blocks to Jane who mailed back one of each block.

These are the coasters Jane made as a thank you for participating in the swap.

Here are the nine blocks I received back. The block I made is at the top - light green. I don't really like my block with the other ones so I have decided (at least for now) to make 2 wall hangings, of 4 blocks each. Not sure what kind of border or sashing I will add. The way they are laid out is the order I have decided on (for now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recent Craftiness

I didn't paint this! This is what my family bought me for Mother's Day. It's from a local gallery and painted by Alison Mackie. She hangs above my quilt table inspiring creativity.

This is a little something I made for myself. Just fooling around with some scraps. It is 5 x 7.

Played around some more with scraps last night while I "watched" the Canucks lose to the Blackhawks. It is around 4 x 6 and attached to a peel and stick easel.

Here is another little something. Might put these in my Etsy Store when I hopefully open one next month (?). It was a lot of fun to make and play with all the little scraps. It makes me wonder what I am going to do with the yards of fabric I own if this is where my creativity is taking me. I think I have a sister who would love to take some yards off my hands.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gifts for Mom and Dad

On May 2nd my dad turned 60. He loves the Grand Canyon and I bought a yard of this fabric a while ago. Finally cut off one part of the pattern, quilted it and attached it to a frame (like the butterfly in a previous post). It is 9 x 12.

Close-up of the quilting.

This year I am making a wall-hanging for every season for my mother. She received Spring for her birthday in March and will receive this summer quilt for Mother's Day (although it will be a little late).

Actually used a pre-designed pattern for the quilting in the center square. I prefer free-motion but thought the quilt deserved this.

Close-up of the basket which has 1/4 lines to give it some texture and some free-motion leaves in the green borders around the baskets. Sorry for the fuzzy picture.

Free-motioned flowers and leaves in the corners.
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