Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recent Craftiness

I didn't paint this! This is what my family bought me for Mother's Day. It's from a local gallery and painted by Alison Mackie. She hangs above my quilt table inspiring creativity.

This is a little something I made for myself. Just fooling around with some scraps. It is 5 x 7.

Played around some more with scraps last night while I "watched" the Canucks lose to the Blackhawks. It is around 4 x 6 and attached to a peel and stick easel.

Here is another little something. Might put these in my Etsy Store when I hopefully open one next month (?). It was a lot of fun to make and play with all the little scraps. It makes me wonder what I am going to do with the yards of fabric I own if this is where my creativity is taking me. I think I have a sister who would love to take some yards off my hands.


  1. Yes, yes you do!!!!! I love your minis. I'm starting to want to try some more artsy quilts too, but not minis. Love the art your family got you. She reminds me a bit of frida.

  2. Great Blog, Rachel! I am intrigued by the Etsy Store. Going to open one? I followed the link but it was really uncooperative, so I will check it out again when the internet is more user friendly. It would be a great venue to put your aart and others out there...


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