Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekends are for...

... Finishing WIP's! My goal this weekend was to finish up a bunch of WIP's and I'm happy to say I succeeded. Here's what I was able to complete.

Last Monday, my daughter and I went to a workshop on Sashiko embroidery at our local library. I was hoping to learn a little more of the history of it. Instead, we were given materials and a quick tutorial on how to do it (and how not to do it) and given the rest of the time to stitch. Neither of us finished that night, but I did finish mine this weekend. 

And here is my daughter's. Now we're trying to decide what to do with them. I admit I added a bunch of Sashiko patterns to my embroidery board on pinterest. A little addictive? Yes.

Sunday morning I finished crocheting button flowers for my mom. I think I've made over a hundred for her. These are the last 14 and I'll be giving them to her later this week.

And I used a lot of embroidery floss to make them. I kept the wrappers in case I wanted to get more of the same colours. Each one did 3 buttons.

And I finished my first Rin block. I had half of the outside circle left to sew on. Then I basted the centre circle and stitched down both sides. Yes, my fingers were very busy stitching this weekend.

And this lovely? That is my finished Salita shrug, blocked and sleeve seams sewn. Hope to take it out for a proper photo shoot this week to share here on Friday. 

Trying to end June on a high note by finishing up more WIP's. We'll see what more I can complete this week. Did you have a crafty weekend? 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Finish - June Camp Loopy Project

One beautiful finish to share today. I finished my Camp Loopy project for June fairly quickly, and am now trying to finish up some other WIP's so I can focus on July's (I must be crazy to knit an adult cardigan in a month). Anyway, here are some pictures of my finished Bamptom Shawl.

I used all the yarn (535 yards), so I was able to add a couple extra repeats to the shawl. Pattern calls for 6 repeats + 11 rows. I did 8 repeats + 5 rows. Glad I had enough yarn to make it bigger. Yarn used is a gradient set, found here. Ended up super soft after blocking. This is a Christmas gift for someone special.

Drapes nicely around the shoulders. My photographer (daughter) didn't mention it wasn't flat and I couldn't tell until I downloaded the pictures to the computer. Oh well, still looks nice.

Wrapped around. 

Lovely lace.

More lovely lace.

Now to wind my yarn for the Old Growth cardigan so I'm ready for July.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Another week has flown by and I did make a lot of progress on a couple projects, but forgot to take pictures along the way. Now they're at a step that is kind of hard to take pictures of but I still wanted to share.

Bamptom shawl is blocked! Took the blocking wires and pins out about an hour ago. Still need to do it's final, modeled shoot but I had to share how lovely the lace looks after blocking. Totally worth it. 

The knitting project I've been focused on this week has been my Salita shrug. I have three things waiting to be cast on that have to wait until this is finished. Because when you finish one thing, casting on three new ones makes sense. Except two of them require the same size needle. Anyway, back to the Salita shrug - I am 57 rows away from being finished! Not too worried yet that I will run out of yarn, although my daughter thinks I will. We'll see.

Had to add another close-up of the lace. This is going to be amazing after blocking, as well.

And here is a terrible picture of what I have been focusing on most of this week. Monday, I pieced all 70 Scrappy Bento Box blocks into two twin size quilts (they finish at 60 x 84). Did I take a picture of the finished quilt tops? Nope. Tuesday, I ironed and pieced fabric to make the backs and then pieced batting for one of them. I had a big enough piece for the other. Then I basted both quilts (with too much help from my four year old) and rolled them up to await quilting. Which I hope to start tomorrow. Fingers crossed I should have one finished next week to share. I'd like both done by the end of the month so I can give them to my mom when I see her in a couple weeks. She will be donating them to charity.

And my yarn for July's Camp Loopy arrived this week. Plus a little but extra. This isn't all of it. I bought a sweater's quantity in the green AND the black. The green will be my July project and will become an Old Growth cardigan (a birthday present for my best friend). The black will become a Harvest cardigan (a Christmas present). I wasn't sure which one I wanted to tackle for July so I bought yarn for both. The variegated yarn on the right is the special Camp Loopy yarn and I will be knitting it into another Prairie Hills shawl for myself (I test knit this shawl last year and have been waiting for the right yarn to make another).  My kids are looking forward to the winding party for all this yarn. This is their last week of school and winding all 13 hanks should keep us busy for a little bit once they are home all day, every day.

What have you been working on this week?

Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Finishes!

One little finish to share today, that I actually finished awhile ago. I did a test knit for Sarah of Imagined Landscapes, last month. She asked us not to share pictures online until the pattern was ready. 

And here it is! The Persian Windows Hat, which you can buy here. It is part of a collection Sarah is doing of patterns that use mini skeins for a pop of colour. I test knit the adult small. It was a bit tight on me so my daughter modeled. It's suppose to be a slouchy hat but she likes her hats pulled down.

This is as slouchy as she would let me make it.

Close-up of the colour detail. Easy and fun to work. You should also check out Sarah's new, free pattern in the latest issue of Knitty, a cowl with a pop of colour. Looks great!

And I finished my Bamptom shawl today, (thank you, French Open). Still need to weave in ends and block it but there it is, in all its unblocked glory. I ended up doing eight pattern repeats - pattern calls for 6 - plus 5 rows before binding off - pattern calls for 11 more pattern rows after the 6th repeat before binding off -  so it should end up a nice size.

And here's all I had left.

And I've been following along with Joji's mystery KAL. Final clue has been released and I think I might have to start it... once I finish a few more WIP's of course. Think I'll be using the five yarns above. They work well together, right?

What have you finished this week?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Compared to last week's WIP Wednesday that was full of many WIP's, I only have one WIP to share this week. 

I started the Bamptom Shawl last Thursday (it is my June Camp Loopy project) and I posted about it last Friday. Above is a picture from my progress this weekend when I finally joined the second colour. I had knit 4 pattern repeats.

Here's where it's at today. Almost done the seventh pattern repeat and have started the fourth colour. Have one left. Think I might get one and a half more repeats done before I run out of yarn. Yarn can be found here.

Closer look at the four colours. 

And even closer look at the pattern. This should look great after blocking.

Hopefully I'll have some different WIP's to share next week.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Camp Loopy and Jen's New Book

I don't know why I thought I would get my Camp Loopy project posted yesterday; it was my daughter's birthday and there was lots to do. 

This year's theme is dinosaurs and since my 4 year old loves dinosaurs, I bought the Camp project bag this year. He loves it and is patiently waiting for me to finish so he can have it. I'm in the Stegosaurus group for June, but I've decided not to join in the ravelry group fun this year. Which is probably good. I looked at the Stegosaurus ravelry thread yesterday and there were already over 1,200 messages. That's a lot. My yarn is also pictured above. I picked a gradient set, which can be found here.

Here it is all wound up and ready for June 1st. I picked the Bamptom shawl  (I have to admit, being from Ontario, Canada, I always want to call it the Brampton shawl) from Jen's latest book; Stunning Stitches. This will be a gift for Christmas. I love using Camp Loopy as a way to get yarn at a discount and get a Christmas present done.

Yesterday I was up at 6:15 to spend some time with my now 15 year old daughter (!), before she left to catch her school bus. She leaves at 6:45 every morning and I admit to hardly ever seeing her before she goes. Once she left, I cast on and had the set-up rows done by 7am. 

Did one pattern repeat in the afternoon. I did another repeat this afternoon while watching a documentary and am almost done my third. I should be switching to the second colour soon.

And now a quick look at Jen's new book, Stunning Stitches. Which you can buy here. Isn't the shawl on the cover beautiful? You can see I've marked several patterns to knit.

I've loved the Pomelo cowl since Jen first showed a picture of it. Uses worsted weight yarn. Ravelry page here.

I already have yarn set aside for this Potrero Hill Stole. Uses fingering weight yarn. Ravelry page can be found here.

This Kelsey cowl will be great for making quick Christmas gifts. Uses bulky weight yarn. Ravelry page can be found here.

And I am surprisingly drawn to this Glarus Poncho. Uses DK weight yarn. Ravelry page can be found here.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Last Wednesday I had WIP pictures taken but ran out of hours in the day to post them. So today you get double the WIP's. A nice comparison of what I was actually able to get done in a week. 

Last week's progress of my Salita shrug. This is after one pattern repeat.

And here it is this week, with another pattern repeat done. There are suppose to be five pattern repeats, each 40 rows.  It's a surprisingly fun, quick, addictive knit.

Close-up of the lace pattern.

This is the only WIP from last week that I haven't worked on at all this week, so it hasn't changed. This is the beginning of a Hello, Hello shawl.

My daughter really liked the brain hats we saw at the March for Science in April. I finally started making her one, aiming for her birthday (which is tomorrow) but won't get it done in time. Here's where I was last Wednesday.

My I-cord Brains.

Made some progress this week.

Last week I had 26 Scrappy Bento Blocks done.

This week, I have all 70 done. Time to start putting them into rows. They will become 2 quilts for charity.

Last week I had ironed and cut fabrics for my Rin quilt. Since I was using fabrics from stash, I didn't have enough of some and cut smaller squares and discovered I can still use the templates. The brown cut is from a 12 inch square.

This week I've folded and ironed all the squares. Still need to decide what shapes I'm going to cut. Maybe this week. There is a Rin quilt-along going on which you can read about here and here.

However, this week I got distracted and cut some other fabrics to make some single Rin blocks. This one uses a Canada themed fabric for the background. And I hand-basted for the first time. Not too shabby.

I hand appliqued the inside edge and my circle was a little off. Undid the stitching and the basting and redid it.

Much better. And if you can't notice the difference, please don't tell me.

I'll be adding a circle to the middle. I'm almost done appliquéing the outer edge on the big circle.

And I cut this very Canadian themed block, as well. I'll be tackling it next. Something to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday on July 1st.

I think that's everything. The youngest is now on summer vacation and we have 3 weeks to get into a routine before the older kids join us. Hoping my crafty time doesn't suffer too much this summer.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Camp Loopy. I'll be joining in the fun again this year. Tomorrow I'll share my yarn and the pattern I'll be knitting. 

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