Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Finishes!

It's rainy and cold here today, so let's look back at a couple finishes I had this month when it was hot and sunny.

I finished the Owlet for my son. It's chunky/bulky weight yarn, not great for asking a kid to model in the summer. But he loved it and was proud to show it off. He'll be gifted this sweater for Christmas, when it's more weather appropriate.

The back. I originally had yellow buttons set aside but I only had enough for 5 owls (there are 13 on his sweater). I wanted all the owls to have button eyes, so I found some other buttons in my stash and used yellow thread to attach them.

He's getting to be a great model.

Less sun in his face for this one. And you can see that his pants are on backwards. Something I didn't notice until I downloaded the pictures from the camera to the computer. Band-aid is from a fall down the stairs earlier this month.

Close-up of the owls.

And I finished my Hello, Hello shawl almost 2 weeks ago. Took pictures of it this week when the weather was crazy hot. I think my cheeks get redder and redder in these pictures. It was too hot to take pictures with a huge shawl wrapped around my neck. 

I think it's the biggest shawl I've ever knit. 

Wrapped around with the green yarn closest to my face.

And with the variegated. 

Another picture to show how big it is.

And if you made it this far, you get to see my finished Spero hat

It was a fun knit that ended up taking me forever due to moving, it really should have only taken me a weekend. And I really like the idea of a basic hat with an accent panel. Makes it special.

Have you had any finishes this month?

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