Saturday, August 29, 2009

Even more 30 til 30

So, my sister has really gone above and beyond with the 30 til 30 gifts. I am really enjoying them. Especially when I wake up before the kids,make a cup of tea and enjoy my gift for the day all by myself. Now I share the last few days with you.

Pretty fabric for wrapping paper.

A journal with fabric cover made by my sister.

Open and ready for sketches.

Next day.

Another bag of wonderful scraps.

This is the first piece that became a favourite. Once I sat and really looked at each one there were several favourites.

Yesterday's letter telling me that the gift for the day was all the wonderful fabric she had used to wrap the gifts in for the week. Fine with me. I've been looking in quilt books trying to find something to make with the birthday fabric. I really like them Sarah.

And today's gift. I am already half way through this and have enjoyed looking at all the different studios and dreaming about the day my sewing space will not be a corner of the living room but a room all of its own. I can hardly wait. Thanks again Sarah.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fabrics from Mom

Here are the beautiful fabrics my mother bought me at the quilt store that is closing. They are all half meter cuts. Can't wait to use them.

When I told my mom how much I liked these 2 she went back and bought another one. Now, what to do with them?

I bought these 2 when I visited the store last week. One can't ever have enough.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More 30 til 30

These are the delightful little gifts from Sunday and Monday. A very pink measuring tape (that my daughter loves) and a nail file which was wrapped in the fabric they are lying on. Now I have to grow my nails.

Here is today's lovely present. I really like the fabric and lucky for me, there was 2 pieces wrapping the present, which was...

... this bag. Very roomy and has a pocket in the inside for my keys (the one thing I forgot to add when I made a bag for myself last month). I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Goodies

A quilt store in my hometown is going out of business. Here are the fat eighths that my daughter picked out. The 2 on the left are remnants she bought at another quilt store.

My mother works across the street from the closing store so she has bought a lot of quilt stuff - and she doesn't even quilt. Here are 2 charm packs that she picked up for me.

Thread, beautiful thread that my mom picked.

Here are the fat eighths that I picked up at the store on my visit.

Some of my 30 til 30 gifts from my sister. I put the pail and fabric back in since they were so nice. I first opened the pin cushion and then the baggie full of scraps. Opened a measuring tape today but I'll post that pic tomorrow (this pic was taken yesterday). Thank you Sarah for doing all these little gifts.
And why are there no finished projects? You'd think after 2 and a half weeks away from my machine I'd be itchin to go. I am but I decided to renovate our dining room instead. Will hopefully get back to my machine some time this week.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

30 til 30

So, as of today, there are 30 days until I turn 30. My wonderful sister decided to give me a present for each of these 30 days. I am very tempted to just open everything and then delay showing the pictures so she thinks I obeyed or play by the rules and really open something everyday. So far I have been good.

Here are the 3 boxes of presents. Beautiful wrapping paper.

Box number 1 is the biggest. Time to start opening.

What a delight for the eyes! Beautiful fabric wrapping treasures - I can hardly wait!

Today's gift was the fabric it was wrapped in and the little pail which is holding a bunch of other little gifts. So far you have kicked ass Sarah.

When I saw my sister a couple weeks ago, she also gave me this piece of fabric. She bought a metre and cut it half so we each had a piece and would like to do some kind of challenge with it. Right now I don't know what we are going to do with it.

Close up of one of my favourite spots.
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