Saturday, August 29, 2009

Even more 30 til 30

So, my sister has really gone above and beyond with the 30 til 30 gifts. I am really enjoying them. Especially when I wake up before the kids,make a cup of tea and enjoy my gift for the day all by myself. Now I share the last few days with you.

Pretty fabric for wrapping paper.

A journal with fabric cover made by my sister.

Open and ready for sketches.

Next day.

Another bag of wonderful scraps.

This is the first piece that became a favourite. Once I sat and really looked at each one there were several favourites.

Yesterday's letter telling me that the gift for the day was all the wonderful fabric she had used to wrap the gifts in for the week. Fine with me. I've been looking in quilt books trying to find something to make with the birthday fabric. I really like them Sarah.

And today's gift. I am already half way through this and have enjoyed looking at all the different studios and dreaming about the day my sewing space will not be a corner of the living room but a room all of its own. I can hardly wait. Thanks again Sarah.

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