Thursday, September 3, 2009

The end of Box 1

Sunday marked the last present in the first of 3 boxes of presents from my sister. I wonder what is inside?

Gifts for the next 4 days. I included the little piece of basket fabric as part of my August 30th gift.

On the 31st I opened this. I laughed a little - I love The Muppets. I am saving these to for when we have cake.

On September 1st, it was this set of notecards based on Japanese prints. I really like asian fabric and these are really cool. Makes me think of Van Gogh who would spend his money on buying Japanese prints instead of food.

My favourite card.

On the 2nd, it was this kleenex holder made by Sarah.

Today's was this little fabric basket. I am using it as a garbage collector. Much better than the yogurt container I was using to collect threads and other bits.
Tomorrow I open the second box...I can hardly wait!

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