Saturday, May 31, 2014

Knitted Finish... with a little drama

Last Saturday I finished my Vertex cardigan. I have wanted to knit and wear this ever since I saw the pattern last year in the Spring edition of Interweave Knits. I finally decided to do it for the Tops, Tanks and Tee KAL hosted by Very Shannon. Here it is before blocking.

The baby was very excited about the finish as well.

The back with a bit of baby foot at the bottom.

Spread out. Had to take the picture quickly before the little guy grabbed it.

After blocking. The yarn says it is washing machine safe but lay flat to dry. As I was laying it out I discovered this rip on the right front.

Then this hole in the right armpit. I may have let out a little scream. I gave myself a time out and went outside to think. Later that night I did my best to fix it. A lot more knots on the wrong side than I would have liked but it is wearable.

My daughter took these pictures on Monday. I need to reblock the right front as it doesn't lay well right now. I didn't stretch it out to the right measurements once I found the holes.

Looks good from the back. I guess I'm happy with it but I need to reblock it.

To reward myself for finishing, I picked a pattern for this yarn I bought in April. I decided I wanted a sweater for myself so I had to order more yarn. The pattern is Sun Rose and I plan on starting it during Very Shannon's Summer Sweater KAL. I wound the first two hanks but my winder has been giving me troubles so I have had to split the hanks into two. I also wound yarn for a different project and some of that yarn could be wound into one cake while other hanks had to be split into two. Maybe it's time for a new winder. 

Here is the yarn spread out. I think it's lovely. You can find it at WEBS here it is on closeout with only 7 hanks left.

And one last shot of the little guy in his playpen but still helping.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Time to get loopy

I ordered some yarn from the Loopy Ewe as it is time again for Camp Loopy. Basically they give you a theme each summer month, assign you a group to chat with on ravelry and a discount on yarn if you order by a specific date. If you finish all your projects for the 3 months, you receive a free gift at the end. Last year I was able to finish my June and July project but wasn't able to finish my August project in time. Oh well. This year I decided if I was going to do it, the projects would be gifts. My order for Camp Loopy was my 6th order from them and made me an official Loopy Groupie. I received the bag above with something special inside. The little guy was curious.

Here is the lovely yarn gifted inside. Not sure what I'm going to make with it yet but I've been looking at patterns. Socks? Cowl? Scarf?

Here is my Camp Loopy yarn and button. I'm making a shawl. The theme for June is knitting something inspired by a favourite book, tv show or movie and using at least 400 yards. I picked Jane Austin movies/ novels as my inspiration. The blues are the main color, while the other yarn is the border. Need to wind these before the June 1st start date. Hopefully tonight while watching "Pride and Prejudice".

I was assigned to Vintage Glamper #3. These are very talkative ladies. Camp hasn't even started and there are 100's of messages so far. Trying to keep up as it's a great way to find new patterns.

Still working away on my Vertex cardigan. I worked on it in the car when I went to Ohio on Friday to go birding.

Here it is as of this morning. I am less than 3 inches and 1 increase row from the border, then I have to do the sleeves. Thankfully the sleeves are short. Kind of tried it on last night and now I just want to finish and wear it.

I've also been getting some quilting done. Here are two blocks that were created as extras for a secret project. They might not end up a part of the finished quilt but will be used somehow - maybe the back. They are made using the Suburbs pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An out of date update

I was making good progress on my mom's cardigan a couple weeks ago when I got distracted.

I started a baby cardigan (for a friend's sister's baby).

Even took it with to the rink to watch my daughter play ringette.

Finally got the latest issue which others have been talking about on ravelry.

Made this awesome ball for the little guy's first birthday last week and it was done in time!

Used sock yarn scraps and put a cat toy ball inside so it jingles. My older son loves it. I may make him a bigger one using chunky yarn and with no jingling. Wish I had found this pattern earlier as it would have been my go to baby gift. I also want to make a bunch with embroidery floss and hang them.

Started a cardigan for myself as part of the Tops, Tanks and Tees knit-along hosted by Very Shannon. This is my progress as of Saturday night.

I read this book in just under a week and would have read it two days if I didn't have kids that need to be fed and picked up from school. Highly recommend. Based on a true story - disappearance of a New York Supreme Court Judge in August 1930, who was never found. The author creates a theory of what may have happened to him and it's a good one.

Finished the body of the baby cardigan. Just sleeves left.

My cardigan as of this morning. Front.

Back and its interesting shaping. 

I also started rewriting "Lucy". I have doubled that word count but probably haven't touched it in a week. Bad me.

Discovered sitting at my husband's desk is quite nice but I haven't really written there yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Still here

This week I began the hard work of rewriting "Lucy". It's a slow process but I'm glad to have started. Doubt I'll get it done before the kids finish school next month but I'm hoping I'll be close.

Here's the little guy helping me procrastinate. I did cast on a new project but it's not for me so it's okay, right?

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