Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An out of date update

I was making good progress on my mom's cardigan a couple weeks ago when I got distracted.

I started a baby cardigan (for a friend's sister's baby).

Even took it with to the rink to watch my daughter play ringette.

Finally got the latest issue which others have been talking about on ravelry.

Made this awesome ball for the little guy's first birthday last week and it was done in time!

Used sock yarn scraps and put a cat toy ball inside so it jingles. My older son loves it. I may make him a bigger one using chunky yarn and with no jingling. Wish I had found this pattern earlier as it would have been my go to baby gift. I also want to make a bunch with embroidery floss and hang them.

Started a cardigan for myself as part of the Tops, Tanks and Tees knit-along hosted by Very Shannon. This is my progress as of Saturday night.

I read this book in just under a week and would have read it two days if I didn't have kids that need to be fed and picked up from school. Highly recommend. Based on a true story - disappearance of a New York Supreme Court Judge in August 1930, who was never found. The author creates a theory of what may have happened to him and it's a good one.

Finished the body of the baby cardigan. Just sleeves left.

My cardigan as of this morning. Front.

Back and its interesting shaping. 

I also started rewriting "Lucy". I have doubled that word count but probably haven't touched it in a week. Bad me.

Discovered sitting at my husband's desk is quite nice but I haven't really written there yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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