Friday, October 20, 2017

Life Update

Things have been quiet here on the blog, but they haven't been in my day-to-day life. On October 10th, I started work... at a yarn store... part-time. So far, I have resisted buying anything but the wishlist of what I'd like to buy is very long in my head. Needless to say, the blog is going to suffer (something had to give, right?) but I'll still do a couple posts a month with what I'm working on or when I have something finished to share. I have several items on the needles (5, I think) but I've been focusing on two. Now that I have somewhere nice to wear all my knits to, a place where they're really appreciated, I want to get all the projects done so I can wear them to work. Here's a little update of what I've been working on.

I have one more increase row to do on my Lifesavers cardigan. Then I have to knit several inches to get to the ribbing at the bottom. Then sleeves. Think I might leave out the buttonholes when I do the edging at the end. Maybe. We'll see.

This is new to the blog. It's the Bampton cowl. I made the shawl this summer but I bought a new dress for work and I didn't really have any knits done that went with it, so... I cast on this cowl. I had a full skein of the creamy beige colour leftover from my Branches and Buds pullover, almost like it was meant to be. 

And I finished the test-knit cowl I was knitting. Still can't show pictures here yet, but thought I'd show you what was left of the yarn. And yes, I already have plans for it, too. 

First day of work. Wore my Fogliame cardigan. Have worn a different knit every work day. Trying to wear everything I have once before I repeat myself. So far I have worn my Fogliame cardigan, Branches and Buds pullover, Sun Rose sweater, Low-Tide cardigan, Prairie Hills shawl and test-knit cowl. Counted this morning and I have at least enough knits for 15 more work days before I will repeat myself. Fun times.

I finished this embroidery this week. For the third time. Yes, I have stitched this twice, didn't like it and ripped it out. First time I stitched each square a different colour. Second time I used white and some pink. This was part of the Super Stitcher's Club by Studio MME

This time I used green, yellow and white. Like this combination. Now I need to iron it. Think it will become a hot pad for under a teapot.

And I did some little cross-stitches in September. Still waiting to be ironed and framed. The small one will become a necklace (part of a kit from Jo-Ann's). The poop was a gift from one of son's last month for my birthday. Got to love him.

And now that I've blogged, I can think about which shawl I'm going to wear to work tomorrow. Going to be wearing black clothes. Any thoughts which one I should wear? They are Zuzu, Hogmanay and Lokum.

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