Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making progress

While waiting for baby (not here yet!), I've been making good progress on other projects. I took the next three pictures on Friday, planning on writing a post but ran out of time/energy.
Socks for my SIL. By Friday afternoon I had one finished and the heel finished on the second.

Almost done the Autumn Dreams cardigan for the baby. Just second sleeve left on Friday. Finished the second sleeve today (no picture yet), weaved in ends and added a button. Have enough yarn left that I've cast on a hat to go with it. 

I fell out of love with the striped cardigan I had been working on for the baby. Frogged it and cast on this newborn cardigan. I took it with me to work on during my son's skating lessons on Saturday and am a little further than this. About 10 rows from dividing the sleeves from the body.

The reason I may have run of steam to do a blog post on Friday is that I spent a few hours at the sewing machine. I made 3 burp/cloths or change table pads. They have terry cloth on the other side. My daughter was concerned that we didn't have any official burp cloths for him yet so hope she is happy with these.

I also finished making wipes. My daughter had helped make some and when I had finished sewing them all together, my mom helped turn some of them right side out so I could do the stitching around the edge. I like that the three of us all worked on them.

Yesterday, I finished the socks for my SIL. Washed them today. Might take another picture of them tomorrow on feet. I was going to wait and give these to her when she visited in June but since I actually have a birthday present done 2 weeks before the actual birthday, I might have to mail these.

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