Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cardigans in progress

I've been working on finishing up the two cardigans the last couple days. I worked on the button band while sitting outside as seen above.

Had both sitting on the couch beside me while the kids and I had a Muppets movie marathon on their last day of Spring break on Friday.

When our movies were done I was finished one sleeve and halfway done the other.

I also had the left button band complete and attached to the cardigan.

Friday night I watched a movie with my husband. I know that's a lot of movies in one day for one person (6 to be exact) but the only one I had to really pay attention to was the last one as I have seen all the Muppets movies many, many times. By the end of the night I had finished the Save the Whales Cardigan for our son and weaved in all the ends.

This is supposed to be size 6-9 months and be for this fall but even after going down 2 needle sizes it is still too big and will probably be for next spring. I bought some buttons today so there will be another picture once I get those on.

And I made a good start on the right button band for my cardigan. It's nice to be almost done these two. I have 3 projects waiting to be cast on - 2 more baby cardigans that will hopefully fit this fall instead of next year and a pair of socks for a gift.

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