Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Reading and Writing Wednesday - Best Board Books Ever

When I saw the three books above listed as new books at the library, I requested them immediately and they didn't disappoint. Each one is illustrated with needle felted pictures and is only 12 words long. Perhaps the most perfect twelve words for each book. I, of course, love the "Pride and Prejudice" one the best. The little guy enjoyed reading them too.

Here are a couple pictures from "Moby Dick". I have never read it but my husband has - with a dictionary by his side when he was a teenager. It's his bosses favourite book. 

The art is just amazing.

Chasing the whale!

Below are some pictures from "Emma".

"Badly done, Emma. Badly done indeed!"

Happy ending.

And from "Pride and Prejudice".
Jane and Lizzie.

My older son loved the page above and the page below. He thought it was funny.

Another happy ending.

There were several other books in the series which I might have to request just to look at them. 

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