Friday, July 25, 2014

Camp Loopy Progress

Making progress on the sweater for my daughter. This is my July project for Camp Loopy. I took this picture over a week ago planning to do a blog post but never got around to it.

Here it is as of Wednesday morning. First sleeve done and almost 40 rows into the second. These sleeves are working up quickly which makes me very happy. I did the collar after I was done the first sleeve. I'm thrilled with how this sweater is coming along. It is the Brick pattern which can be found here.

Of course I had to order my yarn for the third and final project to be made in August. The project needed to be a pattern that required 800 yards. I was torn between making a Brick sweater for myself or crochet an afghan for my brother's family for Christmas. 

I couldn't decide so I ordered both. The orange on the left is for the Brick sweater for me. The pink and yellow are for the afghan. I think I am going to do the afghan as my project but will probably start both. I'm a little afraid I'll suffer from sweater burnout if I attempt to do 2 sweaters in a row and there are other sweaters I should be working on, right mom?

I had some green in my stash, also from The Loopy Ewe to go with the afghan. The pattern can be found here. I plan on making it look like a big flower, yellow centre, with lots of pink and then the green border. I might need to order more yarn as I'll be making the afghan bigger than the pattern since it is baby size.

Then this magazine arrived at my door and I got tempted again.

Perhaps the orange could be used for this tunic... but I'd have to order more yarn. But I probably need to order more yarn of the afghan anyway so that's not a big deal.

Or perhaps this vest?
Think I'm still making the afghan just not sure what the orange yarn will become.

With this order I reached the first level rewards group and received these little cards to gift along with finishes. They are very nice and should get used this December.

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