Thursday, September 11, 2014

SSKAL Update

     It's been difficult, but once I finished the test-knit, I have only been knitting the sweater above this week. There are several projects I'd like to cast on but I've stayed faithful to this sweater... for now. I feel my resolve weakening as I've been trying to make deals with myself. If I only knit the sweater during the week, I can cast on something new this weekend. Friday is part of the weekend, right?
     The Summer Sweater Knit Along (SSKAL) goes until the 24th and I think I'll be able to finish the above sweater for the Little Guy. Then I have to tackle the Dundurn for my mom. If I can get both done by the end of the month, I plan to cast on another sweater for myself in October. 
     And it was almost cold enough this morning for a hat and scarf. Almost. I can hardly wait. It was chilly enough for me to have the first hot chocolate of the season this morning. I loved it.

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