Monday, September 29, 2014

September Goals - How'd I do?

You can go back to this post to see my original goals for the month. Here's how things went.

Knitting Goals
I made some serious progress on the Dundurn for my mom. I wanted to finish it this month but finishing the back feels almost as good. This took months. It wasn't difficult, I just can't cable with a baby which leaves it to either nap time knitting or late night knitting and I just didn't get it done. So happy to be this far. I feel motivated to finish the whole cardigan up.

Cast on the second sleeve and am making good progress on that too. I finished the first sleeve last year. I started this cardigan last July to give to my mom for Christmas - last year. Maybe this year? 

And I did cast something on for myself even though I didn't finish Dundurn. I couldn't help it. This  sweater is for me and is the Sun Rose pattern. I tried it on last night and decided to add another 1.5 inches to the body before starting the hip increases. 

Quilting Goals
I finished this baby quiltMy sister gave me the quilt top, although I don't believe she made it. I think she won it - I'll have to check with her. It came with the binding. I only had to provide the batting and backing.

I did a very loose free-motion flower quilting all over. This is for a baby girl (a friend's niece) who has a neutral nursery with giraffe accents. I think this will work. The mom didn't want anything really girly.

Pieced 2 green fabrics together to make the back. Glad to have something complete. Only took 4 years.

Finished the Made in Cherry quilt top. Happy with how it turned out. Still need to even out the edges.  I didn't have to buy any greens for the top, all from stash. And I still have some greens left.

A rabbit came by to check out the quilt while I was taking pictures.

I can't wait to quilt this and use it on our bed.

I didn't get the Terrain quilt finished as I ran out of batting and never got to the store to buy some (wasn't on sale anyway). I basted the Rebel Flock quilt but wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it so I haven't yet. Might need to buy thread for it, too. I haven't bought thread in over a year! 

I also didn't touch the pumpkin quilt. I wanted the pieces ironed and cut this month so I could piece and quilt it in October but that just didn't happen. I did finish up another UFO that I'll post later this week. Sewing the binding down by hand so it's taking longer than usual so it wasn't ready to be photographed this weekend.

Christmas Goals
I did a post last week on how Christmas plans are progressing. 

Writing Goals.
I did some writing. Not enough and definitely not everyday. Will try harder in October. Did have fun with Blackout poetry.

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