Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Writing Wednesday : The Atwood Edition

I found out last week, but I kept it a secret since I didn't believe it... I won a signed copy of Margaret Atwood's latest book, Stone Mattress. I was one of five who won via a giveaway on twitter that happened in June, although winners weren't announced until last week. I had totally forgotten about it and was very surprised and delighted when I received an email from the publisher. It arrived at my door on Monday.

It's doubtful this particular book was ever in her hands as the signature is on a book plate instead of the actual book but it's still signed and I'm so happy to have it.

Here is some of my Atwood collection (with some Carol Shields and Margaret Laurence thrown in for good measure). My mom is borrowing some of my Atwood books. Since I first started reading Margaret Atwood, I have kept her books near my bed. There is something comforting about having her close and I like being able to pick them up and look at them, especially her books of poetry. "You Are Happy" and "Power Politics" have some of the best poetry I've ever read and I have read them over and over.

My mom had Atwood's book, Moral Disorder, signed for me several years ago. 

Margaret Atwood is definitely close to my heart. I've shown it before but this is my view when sitting at my very messy desk. And what's that right beside the shelf?

Atwood and I, with the third book I have signed by her, "The Year of the Flood". My awesome husband sent this picture to her and she signed it. My parents got it framed and it was gifted to me for my birthday in 2010. I have treasured it ever since. I have joked with my husband that I have to work Margaret's saying, "Keep on Truckin'" into all my novels.

Thank you Margaret for a great birthday present. I told my husband he doesn't need to get me anything as nothing can top a signed copy of an Atwood book. We'll see if I get anything tomorrow.

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  1. oooooh!!!! jealous!! i have a few signed Atwoods as well, but i've been really wanting her new book! and look you not only got it first, and for free, but also signed!! kurt is supposed to pick me up a copy any day now... damn his busy busy days. i'd also love to get an Atwood tattoo of some sort.. either a favourite quote, or even go super simple with O. W. Toad.


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