Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friday Night Sew-In

I was able to get a bit of quilting done yesterday for Friday Night Sew-In. All of it was done before supper as our evening was pretty full. Visit Wendy's blog to see what others got done last night.
This is a very orange quilt that is a twin to a quilt I made for a quilt guild challenge when we lived in Idaho a few years ago. I started this one at the same time but never got around to finishing it. I applied the circles to the top this week and yesterday I basted and quilted.

I used purple thread to go around the edge of the circles.

I was also able to piece the two green triangles for the bottom of the Made in Cherry quilt and get them attached to the body of the quilt. My little helper prevented from anymore getting done.

Here's a picture of the middle of the quilt top. I'm half way done each of the sides and hope to get those finished soon.


  1. Great to get some quilting done.
    Love that little helper...

  2. Looks like FNSI was enjoyed by many in your home!


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