Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quilt Show!

This weekend was the local guilds Quilt Show. Part of the show was a colour challenge that some guild members took part in. We were given a random colour and then had to make a quilt that read as the colour of our colour card. I guess this was done last year at the Sisters show. I got the colour orange-yellow and had no oranges that would work in my stash. My sister and SIL gave me some oranges from their stash and my mom bought me some for Christmas. We were allowed to use the complimentary colour as well. I used blue thread for the quilting instead of adding blue fabric to the quilt.

I found the orange that is used for the circles, which is almost an exact match, in the remnant bin at JoAnn's near the end of last year. I have enough of all the orange fabrics to make a second quilt for me to keep. I might give the other one away - maybe to a sister that loves orange way more than I do. I have to admit I do love my final quilt and am glad I have enough to make a second.

Every quilt member was asked to bring 2 dozen cookies to share at the show, so here's my little helper monkey helping me make peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies. They are super yummy. 

Here he is with his quilt. He voted for it as his favourite large quilt.

It was placed with another blue and yellow quilt. They looked very good together. ( I spent 3 hours helping set up the show Friday morning and actually spent most of that time up on the ladder hanging quilts. I was unsure of ladders when I started but totally conquered the fear by the end).

I love green and purple together. I have to put a green and purple quilt on my bucket list.

My husband and both kids came to the show this year (my husband didn't go last year, I think he went birding instead). My husband walked around with our son and I walked around with our daughter. My husband and I both voted for this one as our favourite large quilt - but didn't know we both did until we walked by it at the end and he pointed it out. I guess this needs to go on the bucket list too.

This is a wall-hanging and not a bed quilt. Those pieces are really small.

I voted for this one as my favourite medium sized quilt.

Part of the colour challenge series.

Here's mine hanging with its friends.

Purple and green. Love.

It was hard to get a picture of the whole thing, so you will have to imagine. 

My daughter liked this one. It was made by a child and she was unsure if she would be able to make it herself. I took a few minutes and showed her it was just a bunch of squares and rectangles and broke it down by block and row. I think she'd like to attempt something like this for her next quilt.

My son voted for this one as his favourite small quilt.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


  1. wow, love all the colour challenge quilts, and they look great hanging together. love Nova's quilt, of course, and the one hanging next to it. love the quilt that you guys both voted for.. something about the simplicity of the layout, and the colours. i've always loved purple and green together... can't wait to see what you come up with! thanks for sharing.. like a virtual show :)

  2. Great quilt show! Your orange challenge turned out perfectly. I think that exhibit would have been cool to see 'live'. Looks like you had a good mix of techniques on display as well. Thanks for sharing so many great pics!

  3. Great show! love the color challenge... that's a good idea.. will have to suggest it for our show in 2014


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