Saturday, April 21, 2012

A busy Friday Night Sew-In

Here's what I got done yesterday for April's Friday Night Sew-In.

3 pillowcases for Conkerr Cancer. I would have made more as they were very fast to make but I don't have many big pieces left in my stash. Since I'm trying not to buy any fabric until after we move this summer, I used what I had and was happy to make 3. The ladybug fabrics I've had for a while. Glad to finally use them.

I cut the remaining 44 blocks for a quilt I need to finish by June/July - a gift for my husband's current supervisor. I paired a Prayer Flag fabric jelly roll with a cream jelly roll and cut them in 2 1/2 inch pieces. I put a finished block in the corner so you can see what they are going to look like.

Each strip makes enough for 2 blocks (8 pieces each) with 1 piece remaining. I am keeping these pieces and looking forward to playing with them. Or if I am feeling generous I may use them to make matching pillows for the quilt.

Yesterday I also decided to make this quilt for the girl next door who turns 10 the first week of May. She's in my daughter's class and they are always playing together and I thought she deserved something that wasn't store bought. I made this quilt over a year ago for my daughter - thanks to my sister who gifted us the pattern and some fabric. I picked the fabrics yesterday and my daughter approved them. She's going to help trace the shapes on freezer paper.

I finally finished this pillow last night. All I had to do was sew the opening close of the pillow form, put it inside the crocheted pillow and finish that. Probably took 20 minutes. Why has it been sitting on my desk the past 3 months? My son is having fun kicking it around this morning.

After all that, my husband and I settled down to watch "Lost" episodes. We finished season 2. This is his first time watching it but I've seen it already. I kind of forgot how good it was. Anyway... while we watched I worked on my dad's cardigan. I've decreased over 50 stitches since the last time I posted a picture and am almost halfway done the decreases for the shoulders and neck.  His birthday is also in the first week of May and I wanted to give the cardigan to him then but I think it will be a little late. 

Visit Heidi's blog to see what others got done last night, or visit the Flickr pool


  1. "My son is having fun kicking it around this morning."


    Gotta love kids!

    You've been a busy bee... love that quilt pattern with the humming bird!

  2. Wow.. you got so much done! Way to go. Those ladybug pillow cases are adorable. :o) Love the crocheted pillow. xo

  3. Love it all. Like what you're doing with the Prayer Flag fabric - I still look at mine! Great fabrics for the Hummingbird quilt. Go girl!

  4. So glad you joined us and made some pillowcases! I love lady bugs! You got a lot done!


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