Monday, September 15, 2014

A Quilt for my Son

The Little Guy, Floyd, will be needing a bed size quilt of his own... one day. I didn't really have any plans to start looking for fabrics or a pattern, but when I came across this fat eighth bundle for more than 50% off at Green Fairy Quilts, I decided to buy it. It's the first fabric I've bought in a long time. No link to the fabric as they don't seem to have any more.

Here are the fabrics all spread out. 

He seems to enjoy birds, like his Papa, so I picked out some of the bird fabrics that I've bought over the years that seemed to go along with the fabric bundle for his quilt.

He's really into owls right now and I have a couple owl fabrics that will definitely be used.

This is the pattern I picked for him. The bird fabrics will be the centre with the fabrics from the bundle bordering them. I plan on making at least one more row so it fits a twin bed. 

Here's a closer picture. I will be using black where the brown is in the corners.
There is no real time line for the quilt. Probably would like it complete a year from now. Maybe for Christmas 2015? Just something I will be working on here and there when I'm trying to procrastinate. 

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