Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Little finishes

Last week I was able to complete a few little projects. I made a hat  from the leftover yarn from the Abilene cardigan for my friend. Here the baby is modeling it.

Got my daughter to model it as well. She's a little better at keeping still.

Side view. I really like the hat and the pattern is easy to memorize. Thinking of making one for myself.

Spiral at the top. On a sad note. Shortly after gifting this to her, one of her cats took a bite out of it. She's bringing it over today to see if I can fix it. 

Crocheted a bib for the baby. He'll be starting solid foods in just over a month. I basically made a washcloth and added some straps to it.

Back. I made three holes on the right side for the button, so he can wear it as he grows. It shrunk a little after washing. I have plans and fabric set aside to make him some more this month.

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