Sunday, October 27, 2013

A lot of pictures for one little hat

The other night I started knitting a hat for the little guy. It's almost winter and he doesn't have much hair. He'll need lots of hats.

Two evenings later, finished hat.

Had to add the red stripe since I didn't have enough of the grey. Just grabbed some yarn from the leftover scrap bin. I actually finished this hat twice. The first time I still had a bit of the grey leftover so I frogged it to just before the decreases, somehow picked up all the stitches again, knit a few extra rows and then decreased again. I probably had enough grey leftover to do one more row, but I just threw that bit out. I've never frogged a piece like that before and picked it back up. It was a little scary but definitely recommend doing it on something so little the first time.

Adorable. I think he needs more hats. I may have a few more yarn combos set aside for him. We'll see what I can get done.

See, he wears hats a lot. Both hats are the same pattern. I added 6 stitches and some length to the grey one so it would fit a little longer. I think next up he needs a hat with ear flaps

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