Friday, August 15, 2014

Camp Loopy progress for Project 3

He wouldn't stay off the blanket so he got to be in the picture.
I started crocheting the afghan above on August 1st for my third Camp Loopy project. It was going really well and I even ordered more yarn but by last Thursday evening I was starting to lose interest. I like the pattern. I like the yarn. But at some point I started wondering if it was the best present for my brother's family. And as my husband lovingly pointed out, "What makes you think they need another blanket?" I know they would appreciate the time spent and the thought behind the gift but would it become just another thing they'd have to store?

I measured it on myself and knew it would require a lot more time and yarn and decided to put the afghan in time out. I still needed a Camp Loopy project though. Good thing I ordered a sweater's worth of orange yarn.

Last Friday I cast on this sweater for myself. The body knit up quickly. The pocket took some time but is now attached to the body. I love how this pocket was made and may add it to different sweater patterns. The sleeve is taking forever. I started the sleeve Tuesday evening and it's still not done. I need both sleeves complete as they get attached to the sweater and then the yoke is worked. I still have about 4 inches left to knit of the body before the sleeves are attached so I have some time to finish them.

Shannon of Very Shannon also started her annual Summer Sweater KAL on July 30th. It runs until September 24th. I joined in. I hope to finish the orange sweater for myself, the Dundurn for my mom and this play sweater I started for the Little Guy. It's all made in one piece starting from the bottom front, stitches are added on for the sleeves, cast off in the middle for neck opening and then stitches are decreased for the back. It's a relatively quick knit. Hopefully I can get all 3 sweaters complete.

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