Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Reading Wednesday: Books read in August

 I didn't read as much as I would have liked this month as I have spent much of my time knitting my sweater. September will be different though. Went to the library last night and picked up 4 novels. Look for more info about them next Wednesday.  I didn't end up reading a book I already owned this month but I hope to remedy that next month. 
Here are the books I read in August.
Blog INC. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho 
This was a really good book. I took some notes and hope to apply what I learned over the next few months. It was published a couple years ago. Some information is out of date but most of it is useful. For anyone who wants to expand the readership of their blog this is a good place to start. There are several interviews with"successful" bloggers that help make the book more interesting.

The Trickster's Hat by Nick Bantock
I've been reading his books for years. My mother is a big fan and she told me about this book. I requested it from the library and enjoyed it. Inside are 49 different creative exercises. I didn't do any of them while reading it but have tucked some ideas away for a rainy day. Definitely a good book for an artist or someone wanting to be more creative but doesn't know where to start. Some exercises would take less than hour while others can take as long as you want. And it's not just a list of creative exercises, Nick has written a little blurb with each one where he talks about this own creations. There are also many of his illustrations.

Knitting Under the Influence by Claire LaZebnik
A novel obviously borrowed from the library for it's knitting themed title. I read this book in one day - staying up until almost 2am to finish it. Not great fiction but a fun summer read. The novel follows three women who meet every Sunday to knit, the men in their lives and their jobs. I'd read more of the authors works but I'd borrow them from the library, not necessarily buy them.

Adventures in Sheep Farming by Barbara Parry
Don't worry, mom, I'm not going to start raising sheep but it was really interesting to read what happens on a sheep farm. She discussed everything from maintaining the fields, helping the sheep give birth, surviving an ice storm, sheering the sheep and how she dyes the yarn. There are also patterns for knitting, weaving, spinning and dyeing. Although I don't want to raise sheep myself after reading this, I'd really like to get to know a shepherd, help out if possible and then knit something with the yarn from their sheep. It would be really neat to meet the sheep where the yarn came from.

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