Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some Finished Sewing Projects

I've been busy the last couple days doing some much needed sewing projects.
My ironing board was in desperate need of a new cover. When I went to go buy one both my daughter and husband commented, "Can't you just make yourself a new one?" Ahh, the curse of having a sewing machine and knowing how to use it.

I've had this old sheet for several years now. I bought it used either for backing of a kids quilt or something similar but I never got around to using it as it was slightly faded right in the middle. I used this tutorial and made myself a new cover. I even had enough elastic so I didn't have to buy a thing.

Much better than the burnt blue I started with.

I used it today to iron 49 more 4 patches.

It worked great.

I also made a cushion for the little guy to sit on in the living room. I used this great tutorial (both tutorials were found after a search on pinterest) and had to use almost all my pins.

Finished late last night. Had to use the flash to get a picture of him the first time he sat on it.

Claiming it as his. He likes to throw himself on it.

Happy guy.

Slightly jealous?

But Floyd pushed him off and reclaimed his seat.

Love the smile.

Big sister had to try too.

I think that happy face is telling his older siblings to keep off.

One last quick project. My SIL made this quilt for Floyd when he was born. I knew as soon as he outgrew it, I'd add a hanging sleeve and put it up. Finished putting the hanging sleeve on last night and hung it up this morning. Love looking at it.

My SIL is a very talented paper-piecer. After she made the middle block I suggested it would look really good in a baby quilt and thus it became the central part. Thanks again, Michelle, for making him this beautiful quilt. 

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