Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Writing Wednesday

Space on the library shelf? Must be time to check out  some more books.
I've been reading "The Writer's Little Helper" this week when I can. A lot of it is written as lists of do this or don't do that, which it turns out is exactly the kind of writing book I've been looking for. A list is good for quick reference, much easier than looking at paragraphs trying to find the bit of information you remember reading somewhere. It's really helped to focus my writing, especially the new one I would like to start. The book has also given very helpful suggestions on how to set up scenes of a novel. This week I have written (by hand) four pages of notes for the new novel. I like writing by hand, drawing arrows to connect ideas, crossing out bad ideas, asterisking the good ones. It's also easier to do at the table, while eating breakfast and entertaining the baby. I'm slowly coming up with character names and after a few ideas I think I've decided on how the novel will start and when some of the secrets will be revealed. I've even written a rough opening paragraph. It feels good.

So that's it for today. A nice short post since I need to get back to writing.

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