Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quilting with my son

I mentioned on Saturday's post that I did some quilting with my older son on Friday. Here are a few more pictures from our time together. We worked quickly while the baby napped. He was making some house blocks for a secret project. Above he is sewing the first side of the door to the house.

He was nervous about getting his fingers at the end.

Super focused.

When he needed bigger hands to attach the house to the roof I helped out.

Adding the snowy sky by sewing on the diagonal line I drew on.

This is from Sunday (he's wearing a different white shirt) when we finished up his blocks. Then I couldn't get him to leave my sewing machine so I had him wind bobbins. I've been told that next time I need them filled I'm to give him a call.

Blocks all done. He is holding his favourite.

Here they all are, again. He did a great job. Most of his look better than mine. 

He stuck around to sew the half square triangles from the roof/ sky into flying geese. He was thrilled to learn that the block had a name. 
He was very inquisitive. He wanted to know how the sewing machine worked. How did it make a stitch? I've never really wondered that before. I'm just happy someone figured it out and that I have a sewing machine to quilt with because of them. I gave him my basic knowledge of how it all works but I could tell it wasn't really enough. He liked when I showed him all the different feet and how to put the feed dogs up and down. He really wants to use some of the different stitches my machine has. Think I might have him make a little quilt that he can then experiment with. I think that would make his day. And mine.

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  1. love your blocks, N. can't wait to see the finished project :D


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