Friday, March 27, 2015

2 Finishes for Friday

Last Saturday, I finished the Waveland shawl. I blocked it and another shawl on Sunday and was able to get my daughter to take some pictures on Wednesday. 

Waveland shawl wrapped around. It's a nice length but I wish the yarn was a little softer but at least it's not itchy. Waveland was designed by Jen Lucas and can be found in her latest book, Sock Yarn Shawls II. There is currently a KAL going on until next Friday. 

Not wrapped, just hanging to show length. I don't like how it looks this way.

All stretched out. Didn't get the top to block completely straight but close.

Across my back. I really enjoyed knitting a sideways border. The first half seemed to take forever but once I got past the halfway point it went a lot faster. I think that has a lot to do with having the pattern memorized and being able to pick it up and do a few rows when I have a couple minutes. It really got me thinking about designing a shawl of my own. I know the basic design elements of making a shawl, then I could pick a stitch pattern to go along the bottom. We'll see what happens. 

The second shawl I blocked on Sunday, was the Bandwagon shawl, also designed by Jen and is part of her latest ebook full of gradient shawls. I test knit this for her but wasn't allowed to share the finished knit until she published the pattern. She published it last month but I forgot that I hadn't shared mine. I had done a very rough block when it was first done but it needed to be reblocked. I am really enjoying the blocking wires my mom bought me for Christmas. So happy I asked for them since they made a big difference in blocking both shawls.

Bandwagon was my first asymmetrical shawl. After my first blocking the lace hadn't been stretched enough and the shawl felt too short and wouldn't stay where I wanted it. It's longer now and sits a little better. I'm still not completely sold on the shape. I'd rather start with more stitches and do more increases to make it bigger. 
What have you finished this week?

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