Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finished Pair of Socks #4

Here they are, my fourth pair of knitted socks this year. 
These are on their way north for my mom's birthday - which is today, Happy Birthday Mom!

Top down but the stripes are opposite. One sock was knit as I frogged a shawl that wasn't working for me (too short). The other sock was knit using leftover yarn from  a pair of socks I knit a few years ago. I like that they obviously match but there's also something different about them. Think I might do reverse order stripes more often.

This was my first pair of top down socks in a while and I forgot how much I enjoy this construction. 

I love gussets. They're my favourite part of a knitted sock.

And these ones look good.

The day I finished this pair, I was wearing the second pair of socks that I ever knit and was able to compare. No holes in the new pair. 

Hope you like your new socks mom. Sorry we couldn't make it up for your birthday.

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