Friday, March 13, 2015

Knits in Progress

I'm slowly making my way through several knitting projects. I also cast on two new ones this week. I  should say, I ONLY cast on two new ones this week. I was very tempted to cast on more.

I finished the first Wedge sock. I ran out of yarn and had to use some leftover yarn to finish the toe (the burgundy tip). Luckily, these socks are so colorful the toe doesn't really stand out as being different.

I also decided to do my usual top down toe instead of the one written in the pattern. I just like the look and feel of a stockinette toe over a garter stitch one. I plan to cast on the second sock this weekend.

Making progress on the Sunburst shawl. I am in the first striped section which has me juggling three balls of yarn. It's not easy to work on this one while Floyd is awake since he often grabs one of the balls of yarn and runs off with it. All three balls are currently attached to the shawl so it just pulls the knitting from my hands and /or unwinds lots of yarn. This will become a nap time project until I get to the next garter section.

Here's a close up of the detail.

And since I needed a mindless knit, I cast on the Waveland shawl. I put a stitch marker (bright orange thing in the middle) on the right side so I remember to increase on that side. Once I got over 100 stitches I put in 2 small stitch markers, which you can barely see in the photo above. Between these 2 markers are 100 stitches. Now I only have to count the stitches outside those markers which is good because I have to increase to over 200 stitches.

And after seeing some finished pictures of the Fogliame cardigan, I bought the pattern and cast on yesterday. There are a lot of increases going on at different times so I wrote down when to increase on little sticky notes. There is a KAL going on right now if you're interested.

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