Friday, January 23, 2015

Getting ready for Friday Night Sew-In

 Tonight is the first Friday Night Sew-In of 2015. I hope to get a little quilting done today, though I doubt I'll get much done this evening as it's my son's 9th birthday and there will cake and a movie and gift-opening to do tonight, as well. I thought I would finally show some of the fabric that joined my stash over the holidays in hopes that it will motivate me to do something.
New fat quarters from my parents (perhaps picked out by my dad? He likes to do that).

Fabric from my sister. She made our SIL placemats and said I could make my own. She gifted me one of her patterns. 

My sister also gave me this which is beyond awesome. Really want to quilt this and get it up on the wall. 

In the past, my sister and I have worked on different quilt projects together, including a quilts for our parent's 35th and 40 wedding anniversaries. This summer will be their 45th anniversary! Before, my sister and I have planned and made the quilts without asking my parents what they want. At Christmas this year, I asked my mom if she wanted another quilt and if there was something specific she wanted. She said they didn't need another quilt for their bed, but she would like Christmas quilts for all the beds - their double bed and a double and twin used for guests. 3 quilts by the end of July? Yikes. She said as long as she has them by next Christmas that would be fine. Whew!

So, my mom and I went fabric shopping before we came home and she picked out some Christmas fabric (at 50% off) and it's up to me to design and make them. I think I have them all figured out but designs might change. Here is what she picked.

She liked all the music on these 3 fabrics. She plays the piano/ organ so they seemed appropriate. They will be used for the guest double bed quilt.

For their bed she picked these two fabrics. The cardinal fabric is the main fabric (bought twice as much as the holly). Think I might add red and white to this quilt. I've been playing around with several designs for this fabric so it will be interesting to see what I finally decide.

I liked this so much we bought some of it too. Not for any of the bed quilts but going to make something else with it. And maybe something for myself too. Got 2 metres. 

As for the twin bed quilt? I had some jelly rolls that I had planned to make a Christmas log cabin with for a couple years now. My mom likes the log cabin block (I made a quilt for her with that block) so I think she'll like it. I got all the fabric cut to make 10 inch blocks. There are 48 blocks in total.

I placed the fabrics to see what it will look like finished and I really like it. These blocks are what I hope to tackle tonight for FNSI.

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  1. Wow I think the birthday would take precedence over anything else lol. Love your fabrics and the block you popped together. Hope you found time to actually get your sewing fix


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