Sunday, January 11, 2015

Around the Web with a Cup of Tea

After one full week back home after the holidays, things are starting to feel like they are back to normal. Here are some of the interesting things I found on the internet this week. Enjoy.

Don't know what to read? Here are some ideas. And here are some more.

Looking for some new writing blogs to follow? Find some interesting ones here.

And a great post about how to write a book.

Tips on improving your free-motion quilting.

Some really cool sci-fi/ fantasy knitting.

Mochi mochi knitting patterns are on sale this month. Very tempting.

I may know somebody who would like this lego kit.

I've been inspired by Rachael and have slowly been going through things this week and ridding myself of stuff that I have moved too many times. It feels great to let it go.

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