Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What I read in January

This is might be a short post. I haven't been doing much reading this month. I've started a few books and then returned them to the library because I didn't want to give them my time. It's not that they were bad books, it's just that reading them wasn't how I wanted to spend my time. A few I'll get out again from the library when I need something to read but not any time soon. 

I haven't written much this past week either. I am now at the stage where the new chapters need to meet the old chapters and the ending of the novel is going to change. I had three possible plausible endings I could go with and then a bunch more that were possible but maybe not as believable. I've been doing a lot of thinking about it this week, about what direction I want the novel to go and I've done plenty of knitting and some quilting while I thought but not much writing. I think I finally decided what ending I'm going to work towards - although that could always change as I write, but I hope to get back to writing as soon as I post this and have some lunch.

Now onto the few books I read this month.
Making Habits, Breaking Habits by Jeremy Dean
Instead of making resolutions this year I am focusing more on changing habits. Some small, some big. A good read but there were several chapters full of studies of how habits are made and how they're broken. I was looking for more how to actually break the habits but it did get into that. I did enjoy reading it and have made steps towards trying to change habits I didn't like and making new ones - including getting back into yoga. For several years I have put start doing yoga again on my resolutions/ goals for the year list and I don't do it. This year, I'm doing it; usually while Floyd watches Sesame Street. And I'm beginning to associate the show with my time to do yoga - it's becoming a habit. I can't leave him alone in the living room so I do yoga beside the couch and he often interrupts and I have to kick toys off the mat while I do it but I'm doing it 2-4 times a week and I feel great.

Broken Cup by Margaret Gibson
A great, powerful collection of poems written about her husband's battle with Alzheimer's and how it impacts their lives. Whether you know anyone who has had Alzheimer's or not it is an amazing collection of poems to read. I think those who are or who will be taking care of their aging parents could also relate to a lot of these poems. 

The World Split Open - collection of essays
I'm not actually done this book but it is due back at the library today and I can't renew it so I will be finishing it. I think any writer would enjoy this. I love that both Margaret Atwood and Jeanette Winterson are in it - they are two of my favourite authors. And the sub-title sums the book up best, "Great Authors on How and Why We Write".

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