Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Finish for Me

To start today's post, I have to say I'm really lucky to have a sister who introduced me to quilting and a SIL, Michelle, who is also an amazing quilter. I love that we all specialize in something and enjoy different parts of the quilt making process. I think my sister is really good at appliqué and Michelle is excellent at paper-piecing. I've tried to do both but have struggled. 

Michelle made these quilts for my older kids this past Christmas. They loved them. They are both great but the rainbow one she made my daughter just blows my mind. Have I mentioned my SIL is currently being a surrogate for a cousin and is due to deliver any day now? Yeah, I told you she's amazing.

I was a little worried that my almost 9 year old son wouldn't be excited about receiving a quilt for Christmas but I was wrong. He loved it.

Then I opened my gift from Michelle and was beyond delighted with this mini quilt. It has the Hemingway quote "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." I may have let out a squeal, or something like that, when I saw it. I love the typewriter, I love the quote and I especially love the thought behind the gift. Thank you, Michelle.

Now the quilt hangs proudly on the wall above my table. My sister made the flower mini quilt for my 30th birthday. I love looking up at these quilts that remind me of two amazing women who inspire and support me.

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