Monday, January 5, 2015

A Yarn of a Holiday

I was very lucky to be gifted some wonderful yarn this year for Christmas. Not pictured above is the lace blocking wires my mom gave me. I'm looking forward to using them and perhaps reblocking some shawls. 
I also took individual pictures of the yarn for my stash page on ravelry and have entered more information about the yarns there if you're interested. Some pictures below, too.

My SIL gave me the above sock yarn. I've tried a few different affordable sock yarns from Michael's/JoAnn's and I found this yarn holds up the best. The one is missing the yarn label as I gave it to my mom to help her remember which sock yarn I like. I have at least 3 pairs of socks already made from this yarn and have found it pills but since it's very durable I don't mind. These will become plain socks for me.

I went to the LYS in my hometown over the holidays and bought this for myself. Love how colorful it is. Not sure if it will become socks or something else.

I picked these two out and my mom put them under the tree for me. Thanks mom. I've never used either of these yarns before.

And I bought this yarn to gift to someone else. It was nice to go to a real yarn store and touch the yarn, instead of just looking at it on a computer screen.

I was able to gather a few corks during the holidays as well. Some got put into the garbage before I could get them.

And my mom also gifted my two balls of red yarn to make some scarves for the Red Scarf Project. There seems to be a Canadian one that deals with people living with HIV/AIDS and one in the U.S.A., which helps kids who have aged out of the Foster Care program. Both seem like great charities so I'll try to make a scarf for both. I'm sure mom won't mind.

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  1. wow, we picked that yarn randomly. i guess we lucked out! glad you like it.


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