Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Little Poem Project

It's finally time to talk about some of my 2015 plans. Last year, I tried to write a poem a day in a notebook. I made it until early March. That's when I lost steam and started forgetting. There was a lot of pressure facing the page everyday and even though it was a spiral notebook, I felt I couldn't rip pages out. When I went over the poems I had written last year, the ones I liked the best were short, often just a line or two. I wrote a few more in the fall and decided on trying to write a little poem everyday of 2015. But I didn't want to write in a notebook. I wanted something different. So I came up with an idea.

First, my family probably thought I was crazy since I asked for post-it notes for Christmas and I got the cool looking tetris ones. I also got some sharpies to do some more blackout poetry. When I told my mom what I was doing with the post-its, she gave me the ones she had been gifted.

Back home, I put all the post-its together. I collected a lot this fall once I decided to do this project.

I keep them in this snowman container that my sister gave me years ago.
I'm sure you can guess my plan. Each day I will write a poem on a post-it. I was going to call it the Post-it Poem Project but since Post-its is an actual company I thought that wouldn't be a good idea. Now it is The Little Poem Project.

I still needed something to keep all my poems in and thought of trying to find a blank journal to put them in, which is much harder than it sounds - everything has lined paper. Then I remembered my book-making pinterest board and decided to make my own book.

I started it on December 31st and finished it January 1st. I needed something sturdy for the cover and found the envelope my husband's passport had come in, in the recycle bin and decided to use it. I think the Priority across the top is very fitting.

The back. 

All stitched together. I used this tutorial for the stitching. I really enjoyed it and might have to make more. Not sure how long this notebook will last but I'm hoping it will make it through most of the year.

I even created a title page. I put double sided tape on the back as well to help keep them in place.

This is the best part. Above is yesterday's poem and all the rejects that got recycled after. Some were scrapped because I didn't like my handwriting, others because I changed the words. It was so nice just to rip it off and start again. 

First page. 

This year, on Saturday's, I will post my poems from the week, although I reserve the right not to share a poem if it feels too personal. I think about the poem during the day and on the 1st all I could think of was "Tick, tock", so that's what I wrote. I'm really looking forward to working on this project this year.

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  1. love this! can't wait to see some of your little poems :D


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