Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anniversary Quilt!

Where have I been? I've been stuck in my brother's basement finishing my parent's anniversary quilt. At the time it was a surprise so I didn't want to risk taking a picture of the top. This was my sewing space for the 2 weeks I spent with my brother's family. The ping pong table is a great sewing table.

Unfortunately in the basement I have a buddy. The basement belongs to the cat. She loved having me down there while I put on borders and binding. It also forced me to wash the quilt before I gave it to my parents.

The quilt had a photo session at my brother's house after it was washed. Here is it hanging from the railing.

On my brother's king size bed. It was made for a double bed.

Did I really line all that up? Yes, on all 4 sides. My sister Sarah over at SewJoy made the borders and the blocks with ruby in them. I made the double nine patch blocks, put the blocks together, quilted it and did the binding. Not the best quilt job. There was so many seams that it was hard to get everything to flow nicely under the machine. I stitched in the ditch around every 3 inch square for the main quilting. I would probably do something different now after seeing what it looks like. Next time.

Corners almost matched. This is a bottom corner so it's okay.

The back. Daffodils on her side, fish on his.

Mom and dad opening their gift.
Congrats mom and dad on 40 wonderful years.

I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful label my sister made. I'll try to do that before I leave for Idaho in less than a week!

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  1. oooh... you're definitely an artist! I'm sure they loved it!


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